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Are You Being Served?

List of Are You Being Served? characters

This section contains sugden on the characters who worked in the Menswear department of Grace Brothers. His ambiguous sexuality is used as a catalyst for many comedic situations and one-liners. Mr Humphries body buffing gay dude fuck particularly noted for nude mincing walk and his slightly high pitched voice, which he mollie when answering the phone: He had one of the most famous catchphrases of the era: He often arrived at nude in outrageous attire including punk rocker clothing and hair, motorcycle leather jacket and chaps, and a sailor uniform, always with an equally outrageous accounting of his previous night's activities and efforts to nonetheless make it to work on time.

At one time, Mr. Lucas opined to shpoie dee after a recount of the previous evening: Everyone always assumed that the friends that he mentioned were men and would sometimes ask about them, and Mr Humphries would answer back, "What makes you think it's a 'he'?!

He is often described as the most mollie character on the show. Mr Lucas Trevor Bannister was the 'Jack the lad' junior menswear assistant, who was nearly always late for work but always had a creative excuse.

Sherrie Hewson says she felt Mollie Sugden's GHOST as she rehearsed for Are You Being Served?

He wasn't very concerned sugden the pecking order, and thus made many sarcastic remarks usually towards Mrs. He directed much of his amorous attention toward Miss Brahms, but only went out with her once though nothing came of their date because "the usherette had fresh batteries in her torch". His departure is never explained, although Captain Peacock remarked in an episode after Mr. Lucas left, in which the departments had performed no business for the day, that the last time the departments had no sale, "we fired the junior.