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My dad girlfriend

A letter to… my dad’s younger girlfriend | Life and style | The Guardian

He now lives with his own father to help care for him. She expects him to pay for her, despite his money worries.

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When my dad leaves her, she continually messages him or shows up at — or breaks into — the house. He tells me the insane stuff she did during their relationship, then they get back together.

“This Is My Dad’s Girlfriend.” How NOT To Introduce People

Could you give me a way to come to terms with this so I can be in the same room as her without my blood boiling? Mariella replies How about looking at the situation through her lens? I once had an almost surreal conversation with a woman whose husband had left her girlfriend two young children, japanese futanari videos, for a more glamorous option — and listened to her fervently blame the other woman.

You say you have always been close, but sometimes shared intimacy can be the enemy of clarity.

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You sound protective of your parent and whether manipulatively or naively he appears to be exploiting your loyalty.

When it comes to how he dad his money, or why he keeps rekindling his relationship with this woman, you have only his side of the story.

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Meanwhile, your dad has positioned dad where he seemingly feels at home, sandwiched between two women vying for his attention. Whatever the ins and outs of their girlfriend, its on-again, off-again nature confirms its volatility — and nobody is forcing him to play that game.