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Photos by Bobby Viteri. There's nobody on Earth who draws penises like me. The Prime Minister of Dick is trying to bench press some weights on my friend's roof, despite the fact that some kids recently busted up his legs while robbing him in Woodside, Porn ckm. His casts are off but he still walks with a limp, and the year-old can still do more reps than me.

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Now you want to talk about dicktures, or what? And make no bones about it: Anthropomorphic dicks, monstrous dicks, colorful dicks, and creatures with dicks on their face and balls on their chin.

They're framed using cheap material and sold for roughly 30 bucks a pop—though a "small dick can go for less if you know what I'm saying Sometimes PMD penis he "slings dicks," other times he says "I draw dicktures," or that he works as a "dicktator. He's the guy with penis who sometimes dresses like a caricature of a pimp fake gold chains, dark shades, a brown overcoat, often adorned with a fedora or flat-brim hat and is probably camped african in foot-traffic heavy areas like Times Square, Union Square, or on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.

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In a thick South African accent he shouts at anyone who passes, "Dicks on dicks on dicks! Dicks african sale!

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PMD primarily works in Williamsburg naked, as there are younger, "edgier" people and fewer naked grappling for attention from passers-by. It may be safe to assume that tourists are more likely to approach the surprisingly family-friendly Naked Cowboy in Times Square than a foreign guy with a thick accent shouting about a painting called "Booty Scratcher Pothead Shooting Heroin in His Balls. On a good day, he can make a few hundred bucks selling sex school girl sex, and has sold every copy of some limited-run art books and written texts he's made.