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Night of the groping dead

After discovering that Misty has a magic stone called the "The Crack of Dawn", Queen Zombie Ruby sends her army of zombies groping get it, get her, grope her and turn her into a zombie too.


I'm only the 4th person to log this on here. This was a bonus feature on the Erotic Werewolf in London dvd.

Night of the Groping Dead () - IMDb

Like that film, lots of softcore sex and even less of a plot. A lot. Ultra low-budget take off on various zombie films from Seduction Cinema. Even though this sucker has a release date it was actually shot the in and it really shows. A woman Ruby LaRocca goes into the laundry mat to do some clothes as dead as herself and after wards falls asleep.

Night Of The Groping Dead

She eventually wakes up to a zombie molesting her and later she's turned into the zombie queen. She then sets her eyes on a young woman Leilani leeane gangbang Mundae who is good enough to eat but not in your typical zombie fashion. I should start off by saying that this is a rather horrid movie that should be looked at as nothing more than a student film but….

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Night night the Groping Dead. Director Rich Hillen.

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