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Nikki dial shades of blue

Shades of Blue (1992)

From the opening moments of this ultra-erotic finely-crafted, japan nude show, "slice-of-life" drama, you'll feel a tension building that won't let nikki until the final thrust -- and along the way, you'll see seven full and a couple of partial hot, hot, HOT couplings, at least two of which are among the best sex scenes of As Shades of Blue evolves, we learn that Nikki Dial lives with married couple Mike Horner and Tiffany Million, and they all work in a restaurant with just about everybody else shades the cast.

Trouble adult dvd rent, Nikki keeps having these erotic dreams and daydreams about getting licked and pumped by Mike -- in bed; in the bathroom; on a table in the restaurant -- and the dreams start to affect her life. Horner feels a similar attraction, minus the daydreams, but Dial rejects him out of loyalty to Tiffany; after all, they've been roommates since college.

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But Nikki's daydreams are out of control. She even imagines seeing Tiffany giving her arabian pussy date an excellent lowkey performance by Jerry Butler a poolside blowjob. One of the running themes here is the characters' inability to blue sure what's real and what's fantasy.

Dial instance, when employees Summer Knight and Nick Rage get it on in the restaurant after closing, Nick asks his lover to imagine they're making it while surrounded by customers -- and that turns her on royally.

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The steam rolls off these hot real-life lovers. On the other hand, when Nikki Dial sees MIllion and Butler "getting it on," there's no clue that she's imagining the action - until reality suddenly snaps back. The scene that immediately follows -- Mike and Tiffany loving by poolside, as Nikki listens from her bedroom, yearning to respond -- is the other excellent sex scene' mentioned above. And later, when Nikki is riding Jerry's peg in a secluded field, is she imagining Mike watching from the forest or is he really there?

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