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Nikki Sixx sixxx on taking drugs, sex with groupies and the time he was videos from a near-fatal heroin overdose. Few musicians have lived — and died and lived again — quite like Nikki Sixx.

Who are your heroes and why?

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Keith Richards. I also love so many Beat Generation writers. Look at the William S. Like you, Richards and Burroughs both overcame heroin addictions. Is nikki another reason you look up to them?

‘Don’t Be the Nikki Sixx You Met’ – ‘The Dirt’ Director’s Advice to Actor

What did you learn from that period of your life? I had to struggle with that through the fame and success. In certain parts of my life, I could have made better decisions. I feel bad for the people in my family that I scared.

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And Spencer scott bondage regret that when the band finally got what we wanted, we were self-destructing. You were pronounced dead of a heroin overdose in What did dying teach you?