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Orgasm in hot tub

As female masturbation becomes less taboo, better sex and more orgasms are sure to follow.

dalny margo

It was just another ordinary day when I experienced my first orgasm. It wasn't anything I had orgasm on.

Unexpected Pleasure in the Hot Tub

I was only 13 at the time and my sexual forays had thus far jeri ryan nake limited to scrambled porn. As I had many times before, I slipped into a warm Jacuzzi bath, eager to relax with the latest issue of Seventeen. With the tub filled higher than usual, it was hard to keep the gurgling water from splashing the pages. Irritated, I turned to the side, leaning tub the edge of the tub in the hopes of alleviating this problem.

Turning to the side had caused my lady parts to hot up against the full-throttle jets. Tossing the magazine aside, I leaned into the jets. They were so intense that within a matter of minutes, I was done.

Is Solo Sex The Key To The Female Orgasm? My Jacuzzi Jets Say Yes!

I lay there stunned by what I had felt and wondering what just happened. Then it dawned on me: Was this an orgasm? What followed was an addiction to the Jacuzzi.