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When most people think of a penthouse, it's the top-floor unit of a luxurious residential building that typically comes to mind.

Penthouse apartment

But inthe definition of a penthouse has become murkier. In New York City in particular, prospective buyers must penthouse terms such as "triplex penthouse" and "sky loft" and figure out why a unit called a "penthouse" might actually penthouse four or five floors above it.

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A triplex penthouse at One West 67th Street. In the past, a penthouse was exclusively defined as the top-floor unit, according to Gold. According to Jason Haber, an agent at Warburg Realty in Manhattan, "the days of the penthouse being the top floor are long gone.

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At Park Avenue, NYC's tallest residential building, floors 91 through 96 michelle moist films all called penthouses. These days, the term can be applied to a unit if it has a different layout, higher ceilings, or other amenities that differentiate it from other units in the building, he said. At Park Avenue, New York City's tallest residential building, floors 91 through 96 are all referred to as penthouses because they have different layouts than the rest of the building and some are full floors, Business Insider previously reported.

The penthouse below, Penthouse 1, although not the "true" penthousealso has direct elevator access and ample outdoor space, but also more square footage overall and a different layout, according to Corcoran.