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CRÍTICA. El resto de su vida, por Nora Glickman – Paula Varsavsky

El resto de su vida, por Nora Glickman. El resto de su vida.

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Once more, as in Nadie alzaba la vozPaula Varsavsky has written pornora short novel of self-revelation; this time, however, it is not about the pas-sage from childhood to adulthood but rather the outcome of a failed marriage that opens new, exciting possibilities for her protagonist, saving her from a dull existence.

El resto de su vida The remain-der of her life serves as a preamble to a better life, which the protagonist forges for herself after a search into her own past. This is a quest that leads Andrea to a separation from her husband, a theater director, during which she will learn from her previous mistakes pornora not be sub-servient any longer.

The novel ties stories of Andrea's fortuitous encounters with Pornora, an old friend exiled in London, on his return to Argentina. Such meetings take Andrea back to her college years and renew her desire to establish a sentimental relationship.

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As for Horacio, his search for his long-lost niece exposes him to the discovery of the underground world of disappearances, kidnappings, and stealing of babies from imprisoned women that marked the years of the dictatorship From the dark memories that involve the protagonists' meetings, new situations emerge.

As a result of the military dictatorship, both Pornora and his niece were forced into forming new families—his in London after being tortured in pornora Argentine prison, hers in Buenos Aires as an adopted child bbw super booty her parents were murdered.

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Hence, the novel poses disquieting questions: