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Pretty black strippers

Strippers at hen and stag dos are controversial - whilst some people see them as a harmless bit of fun, others consider them completely unacceptable.

African-American strippers awarded more than $3 million in discrimination case

We get married in a few weeks. I tore him a new one and told him to get out. I just don't want to be around him. And then lied about it. I don't think he would ever have told me otherwise.

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The first time his loyalty has been tested and he's been faced with a choice between doing something he knew would hurt you and doing what he wanted black what his mates 'expected' him to do and he's chosen to hurt you. Others pointed out that lying is not a great start to a marriage: Many people, however, thought the bride was totally pakistani hairy pussy pics and the groom has done nothing pretty.

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He's made a mistake, it happens, nobody is perfect. Many suggested the groom only lied about the stripper because he knew his bride would be furious: I wouldn't expect my partner to walk out middle of his stag do because of my feelings. I think it's tasteless but it strippers what it is.