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Public bath tube

Have you ever been to one? Do you know the manners to follow when taking a bath in a Japanese sento? Japanese public baths very often provide soap and shampoo and for a modest amount, you can rent a towel.

You are also welcome to bring your own personal effect! Please check the calendar before going as they may have off days too. To help you finding your side, remember that blue is associated to tube, while red or pink is for the women.

Wash your body, and rinse carefully.

Public bathing

You should not enter the baths without washing yourself, as they are shared by sg4ge jerry. Smallest sentos will only have a hot water tube, but some will offer very different baths, with various temperatures, and even outdoor ones!

You are ready to try your first Japanese bath? Elder people are advised not to take more than one or two baths public day in a bath. If you feel dizzy, get out from the tube immediately!