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The economy ministry plans to start testing unmanned ground vehicles on public roads by the end of March next year through cooperation with private-sector com, hoping to put them into practical use soon.

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The ministry agreed Monday to establish a public-private council on UGVs. Members include e-commerce firm Rakuten Inc. Scorpion porn clips council is to identify challenges, including ways to secure the safety of UGVs public public roads and who would bear responsibility for accidents, officials said.

The ministry is considering possible revisions to the Road Traffic Law in fiscalwhich starts in April next year.

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They are expected to be utilized by logistics companies that face severe labor shortages, industry sources said. A UGV developed by U.

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Recipients receive their deliveries by inputting passwords. In the Japan States, tests have already started for pizza delivery services.

Japan to start testing unmanned vehicles on public roads

Shipping companies require a large number of staff to deliver parcels the last few kilometers between local depots and their final destination.

UGVs would reduce the need for such companies to have so many employees. Click to enlarge.