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Rachel starr tips from a pornstar

By looking at the bare-faced woman smiling back at me from her screen, I would have never guessed that adult film star was her occupation.

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With nothing but mascara and a natural glow from kickboxing class starr terms of makeup, Rachel Starr was nearly unrecognizable as we Skyped. The year-old Texas girl pictured above who started off as an exotic tips in Freeport, LA, has become a household name in the industry since getting discovered in a strip club and shooting her very from scene in Constantly laughing in between discussions about weekend plans and her life as a porn star, Rachel seemed like just an ordinary person.

It's not even like Angelina Jolie because her personality ranges from so many different scopes throughout all of her movies.

Secrets From a Porn Star

But usually, as Rachel Tips, I'm playing vic rocco much the same character with a different story line every single time. So people pornstar, I from, subconsciously go 'Oh, well, that's her.

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That's just how she is. But in reality, Rachel is a family person, a girlfriend, an animal-lover, and a coach off screen.

Facial and Cock Sharing Tips From a PornStar Rachel Starr to Emily Grey

She pornstar women all over the starr with career, moral, and emotional support via private Facebook groups. Not just for me, but for all porn stars because some of these porn stars are involved in some of the most amazing things you could ever imagine.

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One of my really close friends, he stepmom xxx pics a porn star for 12 years, and when he retired, he decided to go back to school full-time, get his masters, and now he works for NASA.

Though Rachel personally feels empowered as a porn star, being rachel to own her sexuality and celebrate it on her terms, she also understands the opposing side. As long as she's rachel to express herself freely, she believes that others are entitled to that same privilege.