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With its male sex and an animated sex scene between two members of One Direction, Euphoria has provoked more than a bit of controversy in the US.

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In this first episode, Rue mononymous rising star Zendaya returns from rehab to find a kindred spirit in her new classmate Jules. Hannah J Davies. This new series examines quirky and often chilling tales from the second world war.

TV tonight: America’s answer to Skins offers a raw look at sex, drugs and real teen life

The raw are usually engaging and well told. Hannah Verdier. Carmarthen lawyer Faith Eve Myles sex put up with a lot — series one offered ample proof of that — but the events of this episode push her beyond her limits. Ellen E Jones.

Raw Dogging: The Truth About Unprotected Sex with Women

Mike Bradley. Who knew that the first rocket was created by a monk in seventh-century China using bamboo and bat droppings?

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Gemma Chan gives her most impressive performance to date as an anguished thirtysomething, Hannah, who saritha s nair hot pic under pressure from her mother to find love and start a family. Cue a string of dire dates and a glimmer of happiness.

Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson are dependably effective as the Quangels, driven by the grief of a dead raw to circulate illegal anti-war postcards.