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Real brothers and sisters

Celebrity Siblings! Real Life Siblings in Bollywood

Growing up with a relative in the spotlight can lead some family members to follow in each other's footsteps. While some family members try to avoid working together, like brothers Dave and James Franco for a while, others, like John and Joan Cusack, have teamed up multiple and. Here are 20 sets of celebrity siblings who have worked together. The twins started their acting careers as babies when the played the same character on "Grace Under Fire.

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Both Sprouse brothers took a break from acting and attended New York University. Dylan studied video game design and opened All-Wise Meadery in Brooklyn, with two business partners, in Brothers studied archaeology and went back into acting after graduating.

He currently stars on " Riverdale.

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As kids, the two siblings starred in "A Dangerous Woman," which was directed by their sisters. With their mom, the pair were on two episodes of "Molto Mario," an Italian cooking show mom sex xxx movies the Food Network.

But perhaps their best-known collaboration was in "Donnie Darko," where they play siblings. Director Richard Kelly told Vox they real to convince Maggie that the role was meant for her.

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You should be finding the best actress for the role," Kelly said.