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Real woman squirting

Ah, female ejaculation, a tantalizing topic among women and men alike.

Is “squirting” real?

Because I work at Lionessa sexual pleasure company squirting we talk about orgasms on a daily basis, the topic of female ejaculation woman up pretty frequently. Whenever I get into a conversation real squirting with people, voices usually become hushed.

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People lean in to the conversation—excited, inquisitive, and wanting to hear any nugget of new information they can get about this seemingly magical event during sexual arousal. Is it as elusive and mystical as some believe it to be? When you squirt, is it pee? Can you learn to squirt?

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There are so many questions. Squirting ejaculation is an amount of antia blond, white-ish fluid released during arousal. The amount of woman varies from person real person.

Seriously, Science?

It comes from the glands within the erectile tissue around the urethra PSA 1, 2. Scientific evidence points to yes, some of it is indeed pee.

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See below for an example of the chemical composition of urine:. Water H2O:

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