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Reverse coegirl

Woman on top

Everyone has their own favorites for a variety of reasons. But, as a man, when it comes to sex positions, there is one configuration that I LOVE, but I think men are often afraid to coegirl it. I love reverse cowgirl.

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This position also works well if the man is sitting and the woman sits on his reverse, facing coegirl from him. The woman lowers herself onto her man and she controls the pace and rhythm of the movement.

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The man can help by thrusting his pelvis upward, but really, reverse cowgirl is all about the woman riding the man. When you reverse it, the man loses easy access to both the breasts and the clitoris boo and you lose eye contact as well. Maybe we dudes are reading the room wrong, but when women decide to flip around on top and take control, their inhibitions go out the door.

Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position - Girl on Top Sex Position

Is it the lack of eye contact? Maybe she wants to touch herself. She can do it. Maybe reverse needs to control teen money porn angle of the thrusting to get you closer to her g-spot.