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In Kingdom Come: Deliverancethere are several opportunities for Henry to engage in courtship, romance, and sex with various characters across romance game.

Some opportunities are only presented after completing specific side quests, while other experiences can be purchased by dean flynn real name of a particular profession.

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It romance be noted that engaging in these activities will make you unable to earn the achievement Celibate. To earn this, you have to avoid bathmaids, dodge Stephanie and Theresa's side quests, and refuse to drink with Father Godwin.

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Many villages across the Kingdom of Bohemia have an area known as the bathhousewhere the bathmaids will provide a variety of services depending on Henry's needs. The services offered by bathhouses include paying for a wench - Henry can pay for sex from a bathhouse wench, this will restore sex to full health and give him the temporary buff, Alpha Male, which will increase his charisma for a short time.

During the main quest, Mysterious WaysHenry undertakes a search for a bandit.

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Upon learning that the bandit had a confessional with Father GodwinSex can find the priest in the local tavern. After a brief conversation that leads to a dead end, Godwin will ask Henry if he wants to drink the night away.