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R Kelly’s pals ‘hand cops 20 videos of star having sex with underage girls’

I have defended serial child rapist killers. I have defended mass murderers. According to allegations, Kelly is a samantha star nude who has sexually abused four women. Of the four, three were allegedly underaged during the encounter. One of the three met him as a teen during his last trial, where she asked him for an autograph back in The other met video at her Sweet 16 birthday sex.

But the lawyer is not swayed or nervous about the other women and how it is playing it out because he believes his superstar client. In efforts to humanize him, Greenberg says:.

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You know, he lives in a regular condo in Trump Tower. He plays basketball.

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He smokes cigars at a cigar bar. This sounds good. But the defense is adamant that this is just like the case and that when it comes out in the wash, again… The Pied Piper will be set free.