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Skin to win contest

If you're already a skinning expert then this contest provides you with an opportunity to win some great prizes, get recognized within the Flex community and win your theme featured on ScaleNine. Be sure to check out the full list of prizes, the judging criteria and contest rules, then get skinning and submit your entry! The contest contest on Friday, October 10th,with winners announced by Friday, October 17th, This contest is all about creating a custom theme for Flex.

Skin to Win

Here's a general list of rules to go by. The judges will award additional spot prizes to non-winning entries that they believe deserve particular recognition for effort. Below is the criteria used to judge the winning entry, as well as the list of judges who will skin the winners:. Thanks to the following sponsors for their generous support: All other trademarks, copyrights and works are property of their respective owners.


Create a Theme to Win! Create a Flex theme for the opportunity to win a first prize, which includes: October 10th