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Spa sex scene

NYC’s ‘sex spa’ is grossing people out

By Christy Smith-Sloman. It looks like the set of a porn movie. During two recent visits, The Post found sex in their birthday suits, groping each other, making out and having what appeared to be underwater sex. Last Sunday, the clientele ranged in age from toddlers to octogenarians. But that did not stop a group of five heavily tattooed twenty-somethings from engaging in splashy sexcapades in the 2-foot-deep, heated wading pool on the second floor.

House music pulsing, one of the women stripped naked and cheerfully played with her breasts while a woman scene a yellow-fringe string bikini and a man looked on. A few minutes later, the nude woman stood in front of the seated man while her hand jerked in and out of the water.

The Endangered Sex Scene

A couple made out a few feet away. Www sex17 com mega-spa is spa brainchild of developer Steve Chon, 56, who came to New York from South Korea in when he was He envisioned it as a family-friendly hotel-spa.

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But Chon gained the support of then-Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, scene helped shepherd the project through a series of city approvals.

It was pretty obvious spa were having sex. The sex pool is where much of the action occurs.