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Superheroine costume destruction

Face of Evil – Superheroine Coco – Costume destruction HD mp4 [p/] | Dom i Femdom

The defiant creep refuses to go peacefully, destruction our beautiful superheroine is forced to dole out some bareknuckled motivation. Her mighty sex massaging lands harmlessly on the villains stomach like a falling feather! Why does Supergirl suddenly feel so weak?

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The criminal smiles and reveals the answer: Now, Supergirl is dazed and defenseless, his gorgeous Kryptonian fuck-toy to do with as he pleases. First, he removes her red boots and fucks the soles of her feet.

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Her eyes bulge as his meat fills superheroine throat. Next, he fucks Supergirl from behind while choking her with the kryptonite rope. Finally, the henchman makes Supergirl gag on his big dick and lavish his balls with her tongue. She looks up at costume, her normally brave eyes filled with dread, as the villain stuffs her pretty face with cock.

He commands her to ride his cock like she means it and she begrudgingly obeys, eyes filled with tears. How the mighty have fallen. The villain holds Supergirl down and roughly fucks her with his un-lubed prick.

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