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My wife Haven is 52, 36d bust and a shapely figure for her age.

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She has gay cock frot a long-time friend Sue, who is also 52 but with a 38dd bust. They are both highly sexed women. For the last 10 years they have been going out every two weeks to haven, clubs and end up pissed and doing more than flirt with men. Mainly they stories a good snog, allow blokes to feel their tits and occasionally let them to finger their pussys, especially letting them rub their cl… Read more.

Continued A true swingers story names have been changed to protect the innocent Dinner finished and all the awkward introductions out of the way we retire with our hosts to there entertainment room.

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Well that's how he described it earlier. We all e… Read more. We were driving home, its a dark night and there is no moon, the music is playing on the swingers, its an old song, full of memories and cliches. I hear a bang and and pull over to the side of the road, She asks me whats storiesand I tell her we have a flat.

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Looking at the wheel I realise its not repairable and we will need help, so we call a freind, He says swingers will come over and we can spend the night at there place while repairs are being m… Read more.

She smiled and asked if I was alright with everything and when I said I was she blew me a kiss and closed her eyes to carry on enjoying him. Colin turned and asked if I was sure it was ok and when I nodded he went back to feeling my wife.

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