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Tiny saggy breasts

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ICYDK sagging boobs are saggy natural and normal, so embrace them! You can be body-positive AF and still feel self-conscious about certain body parts or aspects of your body-boobs being a common and relatable theme.

But one style blogger from London is here to tell you to embrace your boobs, sag breasts all. Chidera Eggerue used her Instagram account to encourage you tiny appreciate your body, especially when it comes to your unique set of breasts. For the past few months, gay porn videos kissing been sharing photos of herself wearing fashion-forward outfits using the hashtag saggyboobsmatter.

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She started the campaign after tiny that there aren't many pictures of "real" breasts in the media. When you see cleavage-baring one-pieces or deep V-neck gowns on the red carpet, the boobs of the women wearing them are usually perky, round, and full.

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But it's natural for women to develop some sag in their breasts as they age or after saggy kids and breastfeeding. Her 'gram is full of captions encouraging women to wear whatever they want, and to NGAF about what other people might think. Women from around the world have shared how grateful they are for her candor, and are responding by sharing photos of their own using the saggyboobsmatter hashtag. I want to encourage people to love themselves; to be confident [in] who they are and how they look, and to normalize all the things that are seen as 'ugly.