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Vaginas full of cum

Pre cum, or pre ejaculate if we're being fancy, is one of those things you know exists if you have sex with people with penises. But, full are you probably don't know what it actually is.

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No vaginas meant - I write about sex stuff every day and up until approx two minutes ago didn't have a damn clue what precum actually is. Is cum adultdvd trailers same as full-on ejaculate? Can pre cum get you pregnant? Is it risky in terms of STIs?

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Finally, it oozes out of the end of the penis and voila! It acts as a lubricantto reduce friction during sex.

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It is slightly alkaline, which helps to neutralise the otherwise acidic environment in the urethra, caused by urine. This helps the sperm to survive.

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The short answer is yes, possibly.