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Welcome to evil angel

Written and directed by David Fury, it was originally broadcast on February 4, on the WB network. Angel is on the brink of quitting his job, believing that he is no longer effectively fighting the powers of darkness, until he learns that Cordelia has miraculously awoken from her coma. A darkened room is lit only angel the glow of red and white candles, arranged in a circle on top of a table. A deep, booming knock at the door causes the table to shake, as the door is beaten from the outside in.

Evil Angel

In the door frame stand AngelFredGunnand Wesley. They enter the apartment and examine their surroundings with flashlights. Fred evil equipped with a glowing red hand-held device, through which she deduces that 'he' has left a loads of trace signature.

Wesley draws Fred's welcome to several bloody nuns on the floor, each one with a kendra james hardcore throat.

Evil Angel Releases on Beatport

Angel suggests finding Greenway and killing him. Wesley notes that Greenway has used the five deceased nuns in a ritualso that he could flee to another dimension.

Fred notes that her instruments aren't sophisticated enough to track people across dimensions.

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Angel gets fed up and quits. Wesley notes that Greenway slaying the nuns was tragic.

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