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Wicked wenches

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Opener Keara Murphy recalled being heckled by her own mother, while rookie Chloe Phillips reminisced about smiling through a particularly gory dental procedure. Compere Wicked Calman and headliner Danielle Ward's tales of ill-advisedly stripping for their art would have supplied the evening's abiding memories, but Janice Phayre topped them by appearing on stage in a giant wenches vagina.

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Phillips's delivery had more substance than her material the dental anecdote and a rail against Ryanair tailed off disappointinglybut she is distinctive and offered signs of a fertile imagination in her analysis of why old men tori black dvd pause in the middle of the street.

Playfully loony and sexually unhinged, Phayre mugged and flirted through a series of enjoyably manic physical set-pieces.

Wicked Wenches

Finally Ward — soon to be presenting her bloodbath Fringe musical Gutted, about an avenging bride who murders her murdering husband's family — confessed her own jilting at the altar and her wenches less than sympathetic reaction.

Sharp on class distinction and brutally honest about her sex life, she finished strongly with the tale of a burlesque night gone awry, her mother once again grabbing the last word, and laugh. Share this article.

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She wicked be an alcoholic but I still love my mum — Hayley Matthews.