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Thirteen spoke to us, not at shane diseal. That does not check the boxes for any studio. So, in her pursuit to get the film made, Hardwicke worked women nothing and poured whatever money she could into production.

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The filmmaker, who would go on to direct the first installment in the massive Twilight franchise, used her own furniture as props. Her car makes an appearance, as do some of her clothes. Panties and the cast, including leads Wood and Reed, slept in the rented house in Los Angeles where they filmed, often in the same bed.

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I vaguely remember the circumstances under which I saw Thirteen. I was 13; my best friend was days away from her own 13th birthday. What I vividly recall are the feelings the film elicited.

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Would I be like that? Should I be? I remember feeling pinoy scandal, recognizing how intimate a relationship between two teenage girls can be.

Of course, none of these anxieties were voiced as the lights came up, and my best friend and I wandered back out into the haze of the afternoon. But Thirteen had made its mark, as it has on with women of my generation.

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The script emerged out of a collaboration between Hardwicke and Reed, who had a personal connection: